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GEARXPro Sports formalises partnership with Scaligera Basket Verona

GEARXPro Sports formalises partnership with Scaligera Basket Verona

GEARXPro Sports and Scaligera Basket Verona are pleased to announce a new partnership that will unite them starting from the 2022-2023 football season.


Scaligera Basket is the top club in the basketball movement in Verona. Founded in 1951, it experienced its golden years between 1990 and 2000, winning an Italian Cup, an Italian Supercup, and a Korac Cup. The years at the top of Italian basketball brought it to play in other national and international finals, confirming it as one of the most important teams in Italy. In the 2021-2022 championship, after twenty years, Scaligera Basket was promoted to the top division, thus winning the right to return to Serie A.

GEARXPro Sports will take care of improving the performance and muscle recovery of the Gialloblù athletes, providing them with the innovative SOXPro Fast Break grip socks and the revolutionary GEARXPro Recovery line products (Recovery Sox & Recovery Leggins).

Specifically, Veronese athletes will be supported in improving performance and preventing injuries by SOXPro Fast Break, a grip sock that facilitates basketball players in all dynamic and complex movements. The absolute novelty is the introduction of GRIP:IN technology in the world of basketball, which, combined with the multi-material composition of the sock, reduces the risk of sprains and stress on the joints, guaranteeing greater stability, speed and precision. A true support for basketball players’ feet and ankles, which will allow not only a net reduction in muscle load but also an optimisation of energy expenditure during the entire duration of the sports performance. Fundamental will then be the protection of the Achilles tendon, guaranteed by the SOXPro fast Break thanks to the increased fabric (greater thickness) strategically positioned in the affected area.

In addition, the Gialloblù basketball players will be helped in the post-match recovery phase by GEARXPro Sports’ Recovery line, designed and based on graduated compression that will allow intelligent and precise recovery. Graduated compression that will guarantee the elimination of toxins with a consequent regenerating effect; stimulating circulation will ensure a constant sensation of freshness in the legs, allowing the Veronese athletes a faster recovery.

The aforementioned collaboration, prestigious and authoritative, will represent a driving force for GEARXPro Sports to establish itself more and more in the international basketball world. All the more reason to assert that the entire partnership will be based on shared values, a pivotal element for both parties, which will push the two companies to achieve ever new goals and significant successes in their respective sectors.