GEARXPro Recovery Tights, Power Up Your Energy

GEARXPro Recovery Tights, Power Up Your Energy

We officially introduce the GEARXPro Recovery Tights, the ultra-modern compression leggings designed to help you recover faster from training and competition.


Recovery is the key to top performance in competitive sports. Only those who are able to recharge their energy in the best possible way will be able to achieve lasting high performance. The GEARXPro Recovery Tight technology, based on graduated compression and the use of an innovative ERGON+ yarn, enables intelligent and precise recovery.

The innovative production technique used by our companies allows, thanks to a special medical grade machine, to precisely control the compression profile, guaranteeing the maximum increase in blood flow for faster recovery. The combination of the production technique and the use of the innovative Ergon+ yarn result in a completely ergonomic product, which promotes compression in targeted areas of the body and helps the wearer to recover more easily.

The extra strong and precise 20-30 graduated compression, measured in mmHG (millimetres of mercury), guarantees the elimination of toxins with a consequent regenerating effect in less than two hours after using the product. By stimulating the circulation it ensures a constant feeling of freshness in the legs. The pressure varies thanks to the different tension in each point and acts as a sort of massage on the skin and in depth on the muscles, promoting blood circulation and greater oxygenation of the tissues.

The yarn used respects the most sensitive skin, preventing allergies and bacterial growth. The innovative Ergon+ yarn, durable and of high quality, uses body heat to support microcirculation, keeping the skin constantly cool and dry. The GEARXPro Recovery Tights are ergonomic in their fullness, as they can be worn in everyday life and moments, making recovery on the move more attainable.

Recharge your energy in the best possible way, you can! Wear GEARXPro Recovery Tights.