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GEARXPro Sports alongside the Association Des Kinés du Rugby (AKR)

GEARXPro Sports alongside the Association Des Kinés du Rugby (AKR)

GEARXPro Sports & AKR, an innovative friendship to raise awareness of the importance of physiotherapy in the Rugby world.

GEARXPro Sports and the Association Des Kinés du Rugby (AKR) are pleased to announce the birth of an innovative Friendship: the aim will be to raise awareness of the importance of physiotherapy in the world of Rugby.

Rugby, a team sport par excellence, manages to combine all the benefits of a complete physical activity (endurance, coordination, motor skills, muscle strengthening). It is fundamental for a player to train his body perfectly, to be ready and effective during the game but above all to protect himself from possible contact traumas.

The most common pathologies in rugby are essentially direct traumas, such as fractures or dislocations of the shoulder joint (involved in the tackle gesture), or distortion traumas that mainly affect the cervical spine. They are also subject to muscular injuries, such as tears or strains of the posterior muscular ligament of the thigh. From this derives the importance of the figure of the Physiotherapist in order to prevent and cure any physical discomfort of rugby players.
In order to prevent injuries, the sports physiotherapist first performs dynamic and functional tests to identify any deficits, and then carries out specific work on muscle strengthening and an educational role to prevent injuries related to training errors. After the injury, it is his figure to perform the rehabilitation and follow in a privileged way the return to the field of the athlete.

The more the level begins to rise, the more the contribution of the physiotherapist contributes to the outcome of an entire championship. Hence the importance of AKR on French territory. The Association Des Kinés du Rugby (AKR), an association that brings together 120 physiotherapists from the professional and amateur worlds throughout France, in addition to protecting the health and performance of rugby players, aims to disseminate the importance of physiotherapy in the world of rugby and to develop new techniques to improve the condition of athletes.

The Friendship between GEARXPro Sports and AKR is based on a common ground of ethical and moral values that brings these two realities together and has made this prestigious union possible.

Partnerships Rugby

Benetton Rugby in partnership with GEARXPro

Benetton Rugby - SOXPro

Benetton Rugby in partnership with GEARXPro

GEARXPro Sports is pleased to announce that it has signed, with the collaboration of Italian Sport Consulting, an agreement for partnership with Benetton Rugby .

Benetton Rugby is a renowned Italian professional rugby club born in 1932 with headquarters in Treviso.

The team boasts the victory in 15 national championships and four Italian Cups.

The experience and spirit of innovation that distinguish GEARXPro have led the Benetton Rugby team to choose us as a partner in supply of sports socks for the whole club.

SOXPro rugby socks

 The SOXPro socks , thanks to the innovative Grip technology that distinguishes them, they are the best choice for a large number of athletes who practice sports to their full potential, combining comfort, performance and style.

The peculiarity of these rugby socks is given by the fact that they are equipped with antislip silicone elements in the shape of an arrow placed under the sole and on the heel of the sock. This type of design guarantees maximum adherence of the foot to the shoe even during rapid movements and sudden jerks.

The logo of professional sports socks SOXPro will be present at the Monigo stadium on pitchside billboards and on the big screen, as well as appearing on the official Lions website and application. In addition, the green-and-white players will wear the rugby socks SOXPro for both matches and training.

Benetton Rugby sales and marketing manager Fabio Rigoletto said: “We are pleased to start this new partnership with GEARXPro Sports, an Italian company with strong international ambitions with which we can only share aspirations. With their support we will be able to count on a highly professional and performing tool to be provided to our athletes both during training and in competition.“.

We are very proud of this partnership, made possible also thanks to the precious work of Italian Sport Consulting.

The idea of tying SOXPro to an important club like Benetton Rugby represents a unique opportunity and confirms our ambition to establish ourselves in rugby too, a sport that embodies passion, loyalty, sharing and all those values that are very dear to our company.

We are really excited and convinced that this new partnership can give us great satisfaction in terms of visibility and interest.

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