Fc Zurich - GEARXPro Sports

FC Zurich: official collaboration with GEARXPro Sports

FC Zurich’s players will wear GEARXPro Sports’ products in this season

The Swiss team celebrates its 125th birthday in 2021 and has decided to embark on a partnership with the Italian company GEARXPro Sports, which will dress the team of the city of the same name for the entire sporting season.

The ultra-titled club, champion of Switzerland twelve times in the course of its history and winner of the National Cup for as many as 10, wants to return to assert itself also in Europe, as well as reconfirm its superiority at home.

The athletes of the transalpine club will be supported in improving performance and obtaining maximum protection fromSOXPro socks, a Class 1 medical device awarded by the Plus X Award and a leading product in the grip socks market. The traditional silicone arrows and the multimaterial structure of the sock guarantee, in addition to maximum stability in elevation and in changes of direction, a fundamental protection of the most delicate areas of the foot, thus guaranteeing comfort, stability and precision throughout the duration of the activity.

The Italian company also introduces within the partnership agreement FLEXGXPro, the revolutionary shin guards of the GEARXPro Sports range, which will accompany the entire team with their weight of only 55g, ranking among the lightest on the market and guaranteeing absorption of the shocks 20% greater than any other.

The real revolution of FLEXGXPro is the NSG gel with which they are made, a patented thermoplastic gel that guarantees maximum shock absorption, combined with the 3D perforated texture, which allows it to remain well adherent to the skin avoiding annoying movements under the sock.

The modern design, which resists wear and which maintains its brilliance thanks to the particular molecular structure of the applied ink, allows the GEARXPro Sports shin guards to better preserve the official graphics of the Zurich team.

The Swiss team is looking forward to returning to the field to be able to achieve important milestones and GEARXPro Sports is ready to contribute to the cause by providing cutting-edge sports products to the entire club.

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