GEARXPro Sports makes partnership with Empoli F.C.

GEARXPro Sports & Empoli Football Club: quality and ergonomics at the service of the Tuscan club

GEARXPro Sports and Empoli Football Club are pleased to announce a new partnership that will unite them from the 2021-2022 season.

The athletes of the Tuscan club will be supported in improving their performance and preventing injuries by grip SOXPro socks, a Class 1 medical device awarded by the jury of the Plus X Award. The fine silicone arrows and multi-material structure of the products will guarantee, in addition to maximum stability in elevation and changes of direction, fundamental protection of the most delicate areas of the foot, ensuring the athlete comfort, stability and precision throughout the activity.

In addition, GEARXPro Sports obtains the official license on F.C. Empoli products through the development and production of an exclusive line of FLEX-GXPro shin guards (synonymous with lightness, flexibility, stability and all-round protection), distributed both through the sales channels of the Tuscan club and the Italian brand’s distribution network.

The collaboration between GEARXPro Sports and Empoli Football Club is based on a common ground of ethical values that brings these two entities closer together and has made this prestigious partnership possible.

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