GEARXPro Sports: New Year, New Targets

After the health crisis that marked the year 2020, 2021 was the year of economic recovery for the entire business world. Our rapid growth has seen us go from an innovative start-up to a well-established international company in just a few years, continually evolving to meet the needs of athletes.

The vision that we pursue, and that we put at the centre of our being, remains the same: “Research, Develop, Design and Create new products to improve the athletes’ gaming experience”. We continue to firmly believe that every athlete, increasingly at the centre of our choices, regardless of their level, should have the opportunity to fully enjoy the sporting experience. Continuous investment in Research and Development over the last few years has in fact encouraged process and product innovation, enabling the discovery of new production techniques and the development of New to the world product lines. Despite the difficulties arising from the health crisis that has hit the entire business sector hard, we are proud of the progress we have made.

If we want to take a brief stock of our 2021, we could certainly call it more than positive. We found ourselves on top of the world thanks to Lorenzo Patta, who won the gold medal in Tokyo. We have made important international partnerships in the world of professional football with FC Zurich, SL Benfica, Empoli Football Club, Frosinone Calcio, AC Fiorentina, UC Sampdoria and FC Lewes. We created the Futsal Squad, a selection of top international players who are ambassadors for the GEARXPro Sports brand around the world. And yet more sporting achievements, supporting Benetton Treviso Rugby, winners of the Rainbow Cup, and Simone Cremona, the absolute outdoor Italian Champion (Padel).

According to experts, 2022 will be the year of global economic recovery. That is why our goal for next year is to impress again. We want to grow, to reach higher and higher levels of quality. We will confirm and consolidate our partnerships, but above all, we will create new and innovative ultra-modern sports products to completely revolutionize the gaming experience of every athlete.

John Heywood argued that “Many hands make light work and profitable”, it is necessary, in order to perform at our best, to join with others to mutually benefit all of us. This is why we at GEARXPro Sports would like to thank our employees, suppliers, distributors, shops, testimonials, partners and all the people who have worked with us, and are working with us. We wish you all a Happy New Year, which will be as challenging as ever, but even more successful than last yearn.

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