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New partnership with Sandro Abate Five Soccer

GEARXPro arrives on five–aside soccer field thanks to the new partnership with Sandro Abate Five Soccer. The players of the club founded in 2015 by Massimo Abate in memory of his father Sandro, based in Mercogliano in provice of Avellino, will wear two of the GEARXPro multispots products: SoxPro socks and FLEX-GXPro shin pads.

Despite the young age, during the years this team has climbed the charts, from Serie D to Serie C2, to reach the Serie C1 and land in the Serie B championship. Thanks to the right adjustments, the team of Avellino reached the second place in the group G of Serie B in the 2017-2018 season, up to the Serie A2.

The following year, with the victory in the playoffs, the team managed to conquer the top flight, crowning this success with the victory of the Italian Cup of Serie A2 and with the achievement of the quarter-finals of the Division Cup.

SoxPro socks and FLEX-GXPro shin pads to increase the performances


In order to continue with this chain of successes and reach new goals keeping a high technical and competitive level Sandro Abate Five Soccer has choosen to undertake the partnership with GEARXPro for the next seasons.

All the players will be able to impove their performances on the field and fight to reach important milestones, thanks to the special products offered by the Italian company.

GEARXPro will in fact make available to the club of Avellino two of its flagship products:

  • FLEX-GXPro Shin Pads: professional football shin guards flexible and adaptable to the physical characteristics of individual athletes.With a specific weight of only 55Kg, they were awarded the title of lighter shin guards on the market, while ensuring a higher impact absorption of 20% compared to competitors on the market.
  • SoxPro Socks: professional sports socks characterized by the typical silicone arrows that allow the activation of the grip effect, which generates a total adhesion to the inner sole of the shoe so as to avoid unwanted slipping that, in a sport such as 5-a-side football, normally are unavoidable.

GEARXPro products are studied to improve athletes performances of every cathegory. The partnership with Sandro Abate Five Soccer can only be aimed at achieving extraordinary goals.

It’s almost time for the first whistle, and the best is yet to come.

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