One Squad, One Goal. GEARXPro’s Futsal Era begins now.

The Futsal Squad is born, a selection of top international players who are ambassadors of the GEARXPro Sports brand in the world.

It’s the season of the restart. The season of the return to the stadiums. We will feel futsal in our hands, we will experience it up close with passion. We will cheer, we will rejoice, we will embrace. Together. Finally.

Hence our motto, simple-clear-direct: “One Squad, One Goal”. To start again, to believe in it until the end. We want to be protagonists. To be the best. We want to offer quality, innovation and style to the top international players.

We confirm ourselves as leaders in the sector, already present in the main European leagues through the anti-friction grip SOXPro socks and the innovative FLEX-GXPro shin guards. Ultra-modern products created to provide stability, protection, precision and comfort to athletes of the ball with controlled rebound.

From the Argentine phenomena to the Italian national team, passing through the main protagonists of the Italian championship. From the multi-award winning Alex Merlim of the Sporting Lisbon battleship, European Champion 2021, to the international female stars Fifò and Janice Silva, up to many of the reigning champions of Italservice Pesaro. And still pink quotas with the Italian champions of Pescara.

One team, one objective. The era of the Futsal Squad begins now.



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