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What is the point of Grip Socks?

GEARXPro Sports

What is the point of Grip Socks?

Non-slip socks, a sporting revolution. What is their story?

Grip Socks, what is behind their story? Where do they come from? In pursuit of optimal athletic performance, the influence of innovation has grown exponentially within the professional and amateur sports market over the past decade. Modern GPS measurement devices now show how athletes perform in significantly high-intensity explosive actions, which include acceleration, deceleration, direction changes and high-speed running, and we understand how vital these actions are to sporting success. One of the most important interactions during human movement is the relationship between the foot and the ground.

During foot contact, energy is transmitted directly through the kinetic chain to allow the athlete to push or decelerate the body against gravity at maximum speed with the shortest reaction time. As a starting point for energy transfer, each individual step requires a stable base to efficiently initiate and thereby maximize force and energy production along the kinetic chain. With the idea “you are as strong as your weakest link”, the reduction in shoe slippage promotes greater comfort, stability, proprioception and reactions that ultimately lead to a feeling of increased strength and confidence during each step.

Today, especially among professionals, we have come to the conclusion that the foot really needs to be inside a grip sock that not only doesn’t allow slipping, but must be comfortable and perfectly adherent to the type of shoe used as well. Freedom of movement, breathability, stability, reinforcement in particular points, comfort and the right grip are the essential words to make the right choice.



The collaboration with an independent laboratory has allowed us to analyze muscle performance and speed through specific tests by measuring the performance of athletes with and without SOXPro grip socks. 

The tests carried out show how the SOXPro non-slip socks allow significant muscle savings. A muscle saving that affects not only the improvement of performance, but also and above all the prevention of injuries and post-activity recovery. The reduced need for the central nervous system to activate motor units thus solves the problem of slipping between foot and shoe in certain movements. In practice, all this demonstrates an improvement in execution times, giving athletes greater performance.

The vision we intend to pursue, and which we place at the center of our being, is: “Research, Develop, Design and Create new products to improve the playing experience of athletes”. We continue to firmly believe that every athlete, increasingly at the center of our choices, regardless of his level, must have the opportunity to fully enjoy the sporting experience.



The continuous investments in Research and Development, sustained in recent years, have in fact favored process and product innovations, allowing the discovery of new production techniques and the development of ‘New to the world’ product lines in the grip socks market.


The SOXPro Non-Slip Grip Socks have been designed to offer maximum traction inside your shoes. They are characterized by the presence of non-slip pads in the shape of an arrow. The arrows are made with high quality silicone and generate a Grip: IN action that does not allow any slipping inside the shoe. The fine silicone arrows are present not only on the sole of the foot but also in the strategic area of the heel. In this way they prevent the annoying lateral and vertical movements that occur inside the shoe when practicing 90% of sports.

  • Greater comfort and protection of the foot and its arch;
  • Extraordinary feeling of stability while running;
  • Greater speed and explosiveness in the change of direction;
  • Reduction of distortions caused by lateral displacement;
  • Reduction of micro-movements that occur when practicing any sport;
  • The Grip: IN action on the heel prevents blisters caused by the sock slipping on damp skin.

The specifications presented are certified by the Plus X Award jury which awarded the SOXPro Grip socks in the category ‘High Quality, Functionality and Ergonomics’. A great international recognition that underlines our brand’s commitment to guaranteeing the athlete quality, comfort and performance improvements thanks to the innovative SOXPro Anti-slip Grip Socks.

GEARXPro Sports

GEARXPro Sports: New Year, New Targets

GEARXPro Sports

GEARXPro Sports: New Year, New Targets

After the health crisis that marked the year 2020, 2021 was the year of economic recovery for the entire business world. Our rapid growth has seen us go from an innovative start-up to a well-established international company in just a few years, continually evolving to meet the needs of athletes.

The vision that we pursue, and that we put at the centre of our being, remains the same: “Research, Develop, Design and Create new products to improve the athletes’ gaming experience”. We continue to firmly believe that every athlete, increasingly at the centre of our choices, regardless of their level, should have the opportunity to fully enjoy the sporting experience. Continuous investment in Research and Development over the last few years has in fact encouraged process and product innovation, enabling the discovery of new production techniques and the development of New to the world product lines. Despite the difficulties arising from the health crisis that has hit the entire business sector hard, we are proud of the progress we have made.

If we want to take a brief stock of our 2021, we could certainly call it more than positive. We found ourselves on top of the world thanks to Lorenzo Patta, who won the gold medal in Tokyo. We have made important international partnerships in the world of professional football with FC Zurich, SL Benfica, Empoli Football Club, Frosinone Calcio, AC Fiorentina, UC Sampdoria and FC Lewes. We created the Futsal Squad, a selection of top international players who are ambassadors for the GEARXPro Sports brand around the world. And yet more sporting achievements, supporting Benetton Treviso Rugby, winners of the Rainbow Cup, and Simone Cremona, the absolute outdoor Italian Champion (Padel).

According to experts, 2022 will be the year of global economic recovery. That is why our goal for next year is to impress again. We want to grow, to reach higher and higher levels of quality. We will confirm and consolidate our partnerships, but above all, we will create new and innovative ultra-modern sports products to completely revolutionize the gaming experience of every athlete.

John Heywood argued that “Many hands make light work and profitable”, it is necessary, in order to perform at our best, to join with others to mutually benefit all of us. This is why we at GEARXPro Sports would like to thank our employees, suppliers, distributors, shops, testimonials, partners and all the people who have worked with us, and are working with us. We wish you all a Happy New Year, which will be as challenging as ever, but even more successful than last yearn.

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