SOXPro Fast Break, the new grip sock from GEARXPro Sports

The new SOXPro Fast Break, designed in collaboration with emerging European basketball star Amar Alibegović, is the first grip sock designed specifically for indoor sports.

The innovative structure of the SOXPro Fast Break is characterized, in addition to the presence of anti-slip pads in the shape of an arrow, by a compressive fabric in the ankle area. The absolute novelty is represented by the introduction of GRIP: IN technology (in the world of basketball), which combined with the multimaterial composition of the sock, reduces the risk of distortion and the stress of the joints ensuring greater stability, speed and precision. A real support to the foot and ankle of the basketball player that allows, in addition to a clear reduction in muscle load, an optimization of energy expenditure during the entire duration of the activity. In addition, the Grip: IN action on the heel prevents blisters caused by the sock slipping on damp skin.

Basketball players, forced to mobilize their lower body throughout the game, can suffer ankle and foot injuries. To overcome this problem, GEARXPro Sports has designed a sock capable of facilitating basketball players in all dynamic and complex movements, in terms of preventing injuries and improving performance through comfort, stability and precision. Today, especially among professionals, we have come to the conception that the foot really needs to be inside a grip sock that not only must not allow slipping, but must be comfortable and perfectly adherent to the type of shoe used. Freedom of movement, breathability, stability, reinforcement in particular points, comfort and the right grip are the essential words to make the right choice.

Due to the stability effect, the SOXPro Fast Break reduces the risk of muscle injury. The ankle area is reinforced by a compressive fabric, while the innovative structure of the sock has been designed to ensure maximum comfort: optimal support that, starting from the sole of the foot, manages to promote the well-being of the whole body during the entire sports performance. The protection of the Achilles tendon is instead ensured by the increase of tissue (of greater thickness) strategically positioned in the affected area. The oxygen supply of the tissue improves and inflammatory substances are removed.

The perfect mix between the containment bands and the breathable elastic ones, combined with the presence of the Grip: IN technology, will help the basketball player in the correct posture and in the reduction of physical stress due to micro-movements of the game. The total reinforcement of the foot, from the heel to the toe, is guaranteed by the presence of a light 360-degree sponge which, in addition to preventing the formation of blisters, ensures maximum comfort by protecting the most sensitive parts of the foot. The Cushion microtechnology, extended throughout the sole of the foot, guarantees impressive shock absorption.

An extraordinary feeling of stability during the entire duration of the activity.

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