SOXPro Five Toe, The new Sock From Gearxpro Sports Designed To Subvert The Athlete Experience

SOXPro Five Toe is the new sock from GEARXPro Sports designed to subvert the athletes’ playing experience. precision and protection still at the service of the Giallazzurri


The characteristic feature of the sock is the freedom of movement of the five toes, which allow a firmer grip on the ground. The fit adapts perfectly to the shape of the foot and to each of its toes to promote support and thrust when changing direction. Chafing and blisters are limited thanks to the protection of each toe.

The GRIP:IN technology, combined with the multi-material composition of the sock, reduces the risk of sprains and stress on the joints, guaranteeing greater stability, speed and precision. The innovative structure of the sock is designed for maximum comfort. The perfect mix between the containment bands and the breathable elastic bands, combined with the presence of Grip:IN technology, will help the athlete in correct posture and in the reduction of physical stress due to micro-movements during play.

The technology used allows for a marked improvement in stability and control, drastically reducing the micro-movements that occur when playing any sport and providing all the benefits of the stability effect. The characteristic thin arrows cover the heel, giving greater speed, precision and reducing injuries.

The SOXPro Five Toe, in addition to greater prevention, provides greater comfort by increasing the protection of the foot and its arch. In addition, the reduced thickness of fabric from the forefoot to the individual toes promotes total freedom and comfort of the foot inside the shoe.

Today, especially among professionals, it has come to the realisation that the foot really needs to be inside a grip sock that not only must not allow slipping, but must be comfortable and perfectly adherent to the type of shoe being used. Freedom of movement, breathability, stability, reinforcement at particular points, comfort and the right grip are the essential words for making the right choice.

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