SOXPro SPRINT, find your rhythm and run beyond your limits

We officially present the first and only Grip sock for running, made in Italy, classified as Medical Device Class One.

We are ready to completely revolutionize the running experience. Ready to improve your performance. The sock that all runners have been waiting for has finally arrived: we present SOXPro SPRINT, the first and only sock made in Italy with patented Internal Grip.

SOXPro SPRINT represents the new generation of sports socks with double layer Grip, which allows you to practice sport at the top of your shape and condition. The Cushion microtechnology improves the absorption of vibrations: the heel area is slightly raised, significantly reducing the risk of injury.

The “Ultra High Air Flow” ventilation system in the sock keeps your feet dry from the beginning to the end of the run, both in winter and summer. High breathability prevents sweat from soaking into the fabric, allowing it to evaporate on the outside and ensuring the most comfortable running experience possible.

An unprecedented feeling of lightness while running: with an ultra-light weight, this sock is the ideal solution for those who want to feel comfortable in the movements and changes of speed that running requires. Classified as a Class One Medical Device, it certifies multiple benefits to the athlete in terms of prevention and improved performance.

The yarn used respects the most sensitive skins, avoiding the occurrence of allergies and the proliferation of bacteria. The sock has no seams, a fundamental requirement to ensure a long life and avoid painful consequences, such as the onset of blisters. Thanks to its anatomical shape, this sock helps to improve performance and ensure the prevention of injuries during running.

Find your pace and run beyond your limits! Choose SOXPro Sprint, the sock studied on the basis of the needs of athletes like you!

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