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Carlos Daniel Gutierrez, International Padel Star, Is The New GEARXPro Sports Brand Ambassador.

Carlos Daniel Gutierrez, International Padel Star, Is The New GEARXPro Sports Brand Ambassador.

GEARXPro Sports is proud to welcome Carlos Daniel Gutierrez, spearhead of International Padel, as a new brand ambassador.

Carlos Daniel Gutierrez, simply Sanyo to everyone, is considered one of the most influential stars of the international padel scene of the last decade. Born and raised in San Luis, Argentina, Sanyo currently holds the sixth position in the Official World Ranking of The World Padel Tour.

Nicknamed “El Mago” for his ability to turn the “pala”, the padel racquet into a magic wand, with 405 victories in 524 matches played, and more than thirty titles to his credit, Carlos Daniel Gutierrez is one of the few athletes capable of winning at least one title in each season of the World Padel Tour and has already won 4 titles this year being pair #2 in the WPT ranking.

During the time when Sanyo Gutierrez joins the official GEARXPRo Sports Brand Ambassadors we will see the Argentinian wear the ultra-modern SOXPro Grip Socks in training and competition.

In shot preparation, short moves, vertical descents and changes of direction, the GEARXPro Sports grip socks will help Sanyo maintain maximum grip on the ground, ensuring greater stability, comfort and protection throughout the entire performance. The grip technology in the SOXPro will ensure optimal stability and greater control in key padel situations: ensuring not only greater prevention with a substantial reduction in sprains,but also in preparation for bandeje and vibore in steps backwards and for smash and voleè in the forwards.

A prestigious collaboration that will be a driving force for GEARXPro Sports to establish itself, more and more, in the international padel world. That is one of many reasons to certify that the entire partnership will be based on shared values, the cornerstone of both parties, which will drive GEARXPro Sports and Carlos Daniel Gutierrez to achieve new goals and success in their respective fields.


Simone Cremona is again italian champion of padel

Simone Cremona Padel Soxpro

Simone Cremona is again italian champion of padel



Simone Cremona wins the fifth edition of the Italian Absolute Outdoor Championships staged at the Sun Padel Club in Riccione. The thirty-four years old from Piacenza beat, in pair with Marcelo Capitani, the strong duo Canottieri Aniene (Michele Bruno/Juan Restivo), 2-6, 6-2, 6-4, winning for the fourth time the title of Italian Champion.

And if the refrain of the famous song of the band Thegiornalisti recited “Sotto il sole, sotto il sole… di Riccione, di Riccione”, in the city of Romagna, during the days of the Italian Absolute Championship… it rained.
A very unlucky edition from the meteorological point of view, characterized by persistent rains that have strongly conditioned the regular course of the tournament. Yet, when the scorching sun returned from Riccione, on the final day of the competition three rounds had to be played: the quarter-finals, the semifinals and the finals. A real tour de force for Simone Cremona. A victory fought until the end and for this reason even more beautiful, crowning a perfect start to the season for the athlete from Piacenza.

The Italian Champion, Simone Cremona, took the court with the new elegant SOXPro Classic socks, ideal partners in the racquet world, specially designed to provide the athlete with stability, precision, comfort and to offer maximum traction inside the shoe.
Specifications attested to by the jury of the Plus X Award, which rewarded Grip SOXPro socks in the High Quality, Functionality and Ergonomics categories. A great international recognition that goes to underline the commitment of our brand in guaranteeing the athlete quality, comfort and improvements in performance.

Our heartfelt congratulations to the Italian Champion Simone Cremona.