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Simone Cremona New GEARXPro’s Ambassador

SOXPro - Simone Cremona

Simone Cremona New GEARXPro’s Ambassador

GEARXPro Sports, Italian professional sports wear production leader company, lands in the padel’s world thanks to the new technical partnership with Simone Cremona, Italian champion, European tournament winner with the Italian National team in 2019 and one of the Italians top player qualified for the World Paddle Tour.

A new important piece that adds to a puzzle of excellent partnerships such as Rugby Benetton Treviso, 15 times national champion, Perform SMC, medical sports center born from the idea of Papu Gomez, and Sandro Abate Five Soccer, Italian football team based in the province of Avellino.

All these realities have choosen to use the technology and the performances of GEARXPro sport equipments.

If at the base of every sporting success we find passion, concentration, determination and daily training, we surely also find the choice of the correct technical clothing, that knows how to combine practicality, innovation and design, for more comfortable performances.

Today we can say without any doubt that in the world of sport, both amateur and professional, the dress makes the monk. And it is from this awareness that we define the mission of GEARXPro Sports: create professional and high quality sports products able to meet the needs of each athlete, in order to achieve maximum results in any sport.

Thanks to the SOXPro sports socks – in three models Classic, Recovery and Ultralight – the padel Italian champion Simone Cremona will benefit from the non-slip silicone technology for a complete adhesion of the foot to the shoe. A foundamental detail for a dynamic sport as padel, where the constant and fast change of direction are crucials in every match.

«We are talking about a wonderful product. Both in design and functionality, the technical socks SOXPro are incredible. They give extraordinary feeling of explosiveness and speed in the change of direction. Not to mention the reduction of the risk of distortion. The perception of protection and security is total», commented Simone Cremona.

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