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Improve Your Tennis With the New SOXPro Ankle Support FF

Improve Your Tennis With the New SOXPro Ankle Support FF

We officially present the new SOXPro Ankle Support FF, the first grip sock thought of specifically for racquet sport designed in collaboration with Italian champion Fabio Fognini.

The constant support of an athlete of international level like Fabio Fognini (most successful Italian tennis player ever), the first and only Italian winner of an ATP Tour Master 1000 (Monte Carlo 2019), has allowed us to design a unique product of its kind, able to improve the performance of the tennis players in terms of performance, injury prevention and post-activity recovery.

The Ankle Support FF, unlike the Classic and Ultra-Light sisters, represents the new generation of sports sock designed to completely improve the experience in the world of racquet sports (Tennis, Padel, Squash). A combination of comfort and perfect performance, which will allow the athlete to take full control of their body. An optimal support that, starting from the sole of the foot, promotes the well-being of the whole body during the entire sporting performance: free to move, jump and change direction on any playing surface.

Inspired by the Kinetic Chain, a coordinated sequence of activation, mobilization and stabilization of the body segments to produce a dynamic activity, we have designed a sock capable of facilitating athletes in all dynamic and complex movements, in terms of injury prevention and performance improvement through comfort, stability and precision. The benefits presented, confirmed by scientific studies and tests carried out by independent laboratories, qualify the SOXPro Ankle Support FF as a Class 1 Medical Device, like the entire range of socks in the GEARXPro Sports family. The perfect mix of containment bands and breathable elastic bands, combined with the presence of Grip:IN technology, helps the athlete stay in correct posture and in reducing physical stress caused by micro-movements of the game.

The total reinforcement of the toe is guaranteed by the presence of a light 360-degree sponge which, in addition to preventing the formation of blisters, ensures maximum comfort while protecting the most sensitive parts of the foot. The absolute novelty, the first time for a GEARXPro product, is represented by the innovative use of Cushion microtechnology, extended to the entire tip of the foot to best meet the needs of a sport where footwear is more rigid and double, having to resort more frequently to additional reinforcements and more robust soles.

The X-Cage part that makes up the entire ankle area, thanks to its multi material composition and the presence of strategic reinforcement bands, drastically decreases the risk of sprains and the stress of the joints. A real support for the athlete’s ankle that allows a significant reduction in muscle load and an optimization of energy expenditure during the entire duration of the activity: the goal is to shorten recovery times between races as much as possible.

The structure of the SOXPro Ankle Support FF is characterized by the presence of anti-slip pads in the shape of an arrow that allow an increase in performance in agility and speed. Thanks to the reduced slipping between the foot and the shoe, the central nervous system reduces the need to activate the motor units. In addition, the Grip:IN action on the heel prevents blisters caused by the sock slipping on damp skin.