Technical partnership between GEARXPro Sports and Fussballclub Zürich renewed

The Italian company will again be at the side of Swiss champions FC Zurich in the new season.

GEARXPro Sports is proud to announce the extension of its technical sponsorship partnership with the Fussballclub Zürich for the 2022/2023 sports season.

The collaboration that began last year has brought mutual satisfaction, so much so that the two clubs have decided to continue the existing partnership for the upcoming season.

The athletes of the Swiss club will still be supported in improving performance and preventing injuries by the market-leading SOXPro grip socks. The fine silicon arrows and the multi-material structure of the sock will guarantee, in addition to maximum stability in elevation and changes of direction, fundamental protection of the most delicate areas of the foot.

The collaboration between GEARXPro Sports and Fussballclub Zürich is based on a common ground of ethical values that brings these two clubs closer together and has made the continuation of this prestigious partnership possible for the new sports season.

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